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Hauberk Karacena drysuit

The most convenient in use, really self-donning drysuit for those who value comfort, reliability and look:

● Heavy-duty trilaminate (polyester-IIR-polyester) 520g/m²
● The seams are sealed by a chloroprene tape with six layers of water-resistant glue
● Absence of X-type crossings of the seams (the most weak point of all the drysuits)
● Reinforced kneepads
● The most wearable parts of the torso are covered with «cordura»
● 3D-torso with horizontal front zipper ables you to don the suit without any help and control the zipper closing (no more leakages from partially open zipper!). The suit also varies its torso size to the thickness of your undergarment. The zipper is not touched by the harness of weight-belt, this prolongs its lifespan
● SiTech® valves
● metal zipper YKK Dynat® or plastic Aquaseal® on your choice
● by default latex seals, optionally can be neoprene and/or silicone
● neoprene boots or socks of your size
● neoprene warm-collar
● detachable elastic suspenders for more comfort