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Redundant electrically heated 400g/m² undergarment

This undergarment is specially designed for extreme conditions of long-time dives into coldest waters.

Redundant electrically heated undergarment (12V 2×120W). This 400g/m² undergarment is very warm itself, in addition it has a heating layer all-over the body. Highly recommended for the most complex technical diving into the coldest waters.

● This undersuit eliminates the need of an electrical vest as a backup.
● Allows you to double heating power in extraordinary situations (e.g. strong currents, intensive DPV usage, suit leakage, etc.)
● The heating cables are located according to human anatomy, with higher density in the most cold-sensitive areas. It doesn't interfere with any movements, at the same time it is heating complete body including arms and legs.
● The cables with fire-resistant insulation are very flexible and securely fixed inside the undergarment. This eliminates a possibility of local overheating and burning the cable.
● The connectors are reliable, compact and handy.
● The connectors are well secured into the zipped pocket when are not used.
● In addition you can order a 10A IP68 bayonet connector.
● Careful hand washing or a delicate mode of the automatic washing mashine doesn't harm the materials.
● The undersuit is produced only made-to-measure (included into the price).